Colleges are types of higher learning establishments - these will most traditionally educate people from the ages of 16+ once they have left secondary school. In most cases the people attending a college here will be aged between 16-18 and they will be looking for a sixth form or vocational education.

Some colleges will only give a standard sixth form education (i.e. A Levels), some will only offer more vocational training and some will offer both options as well as a wider set of courses and training for the wider community. .

The most common types of college here include:

These kinds of colleges can offer all kinds of courses from A Levels to BTECs, City and Guilds and degree level qualifications. Many further/higher education colleges will be open to all ages and will offer a variety of part-time and full-time courses. The kind of education that students are given here will also vary according to the type of college they attend and the area in which they live.

Many universities also operate by means of a college system. So, for example, a student that is attending Oxford or Cambridge will study at a specific college during their time there.