Sixth Form Education

Sixth form education takes place from the age of 16 after a child has finished their GCSEs. It is not compulsory but many children opt to carry on their education into the sixth form to study for further qualifications such as A Levels. Other options include vocational courses such as City and Guilds and BTECs.

In most cases, nowadays, students studying for their A Levels will spend the first years studying for their AS Levels and their second year studying for their A Levels. There will be exams at the end of each of the two years in this instance. Vocational courses will operate according to the place where the student attends sixth form.

There are various ways that children can carry on their education at sixth form level. For example, they can:

Sixth form education can be known as Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth or as Year 12 and Year 13 depending on the system used by the place of learning.